Air Conditioning

Have you ever “heard” an air conditioner before? Chances are, if you have a next-door neighbour who owns an air conditioner, you have! Unless, of course, that air conditioner is a Lennox XC21, the quietest air conditioner available in Canada today! Everything about Lennox’ top-rated heat pumps aims to reduce the unit’s noise components to vanishing levels. Industry-exclusive composite materials in the fan blades, two-stage operation, a patent-pending vortex-suppressing fan grille, and a fully-insulated compressor compartment mean that, on all but the warmest of Okanagan afternoons, your neighbours won’t even know your air conditioner is running!

In addition, Lennox air conditioners lead the industry in efficiency, as well. The XC 21 is almost twice as efficient, at up to 20.5 SEER, as typical 10 SEER air conditioner units. Two-stage operation means that, on most days, your XC 21 runs at low level, consuming far less energy than single-stage systems which run at full speed, all the time. Quiet and cost-efficient cooling, that’s the Lennox advantage!

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